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Major Uses

Aptitude Testing Services are basically offered in the following areas:

(a) Schools and Guidance Testing Services


  • The tests are designed for selection of candidates into various institutions and for employment purposes.
  • Provision of guidance data for use by schools /organizations.


(b) Clerical Aptitude Testing Services (CATS)

The tests are designed for selection of individuals into secretarial and clerical institutions. They are also used for selecting applicants into occupations requiring these skills. Specific skills, such as speed and accuracy are measured by standardized tests which are available on demand.


(c) Academic and Management Testing Service (AMTS)

These testing services are designed for recruitment and screening of middle and high level management personnel who are required to make supervisory judgments.


Obtaining Aptitude Test Service

Aptitude Testingsessions are scheduled on request at the Records and Aptitude Tests Department. As much as it is practically possible, scheduling is made to suit clients' needs in terms of battery of tests to be used, dates for the tests and testing venues.

The Council also administers examinations on behalf of Educational Testing Services, U.S.A.


Service Charges

Aptitude Testing fees vary according to the type of test required.

Further Enquires

For further information on Aptitude Testing, contact The Deputy Registrar/Controller, Records and Aptitude Tests Department.

Telephone: +233-302 208201-9