Committee Structure of the Council

The West African Examinations Council operates along a committee structure, which is very unique and is one of its greatest strengths.

The committee structure is made up of several International Committees as well as strong National Committees with their sub-committees in each country. The committee structure makes it possible for each member country to participate fully at all levels in the work of Council. The members of the various committees are drawn largely from the teaching profession and from among educational institutions.

(1) International Committees

The International Committees deliberate upon matters affecting all member countries and co-ordinate and harmonise national views in determining policies affecting the Council as a whole.

(2) National Committees

National Committees deal with matters relating mainly to their respective countries and serve as fora for the articulation of national views on issues affecting the policy of the Council as a whole.


The Headquarters

The Headquarters of the Council has supporting Offices in each of the five member countries. Working directly with the Registrar at the Headquarters are the Heads of Departments in Accra who assist in co-ordinating the work of all the Offices.

National Offices

The Council has an office in each member country with a Head of Office and supporting staff that are normally nationals of the country.

Each National Office is responsible for:

• Developing syllabuses and tests for its national examinations;

• Planning, administering and processing of the various examinations held in the country;

• Ensuring that the decisions of Council and its appropriate Committees are implanted in the country.

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